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How to Void Court Orders and Judgements by a Judge that Received Illegal Payments.


We the People are Now Responsible for Effectuating Changes in the Judiciary. 

The judges know that the orders are null and void: any order by a judge who has accepted illegal money or any money from a person who is likely to appear in front of them is void. What that means is that any money that any judge took from LA County where LA county was a party before them, or LA County was a witness before them, or likely to appear before them, is going to be void.

A. Judicial Retaliation

B.  Description of Specific Incidents of Judicial Retaliation 


Professor Daniel Gottlieb oulines and explains the tens of thousands of violations of law engendered by the illegal payments and the judges' actions.


Judicial Retaliation - Why It Is Important to You

Fred Sottile explains the importance and effects of judicial retaliation. 


b.  Second video Title for Abuse of Process

c.  Third video Title for Abuse of Process.

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