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The Campaign for Judicial Integrity

The Campaign For Judicial Integrity is a non-partisan grassroots movement and organization concerned about the decline of the state of the integrity our judiciary and its failure to provide a fair and equal judicial system to the American public.


Our goal is to eradicate judicial corruption and restore and achieve integrity in the judiciary and the administration of justice in the United States and the individual states.


We work to increase the public’s awareness of the danger to our society resulting from the failure of members of the judiciary to obey constitutional provisions, laws, codes of judicial conduct and their oaths of office, which protect our fundamental rights.


We act to eradicate judicial corruption by voting out of office elected corrupt judges, by petitioning and contacting our elected representatives and government officials and demanding that they enact and institute measures to eradicate judicial corruption and prosecute corrupt judges and those who corrupted them and by voting out of office at their next election any representative who persists in refusing to act to eradicate judicial corruption.        

The founder and chairman of the movement and Campaign for Judicial Integrity is  Richard I. Fine, Ph.D.




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