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Cost of Courage - Dr. Richard I Fine (12 Videos)

Interview with Dr. Fine on March 3, 2009 the day before he was sentenced for contempt of court for refusing to answer questions regarding the illegal judgment issued by LA Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe who was taking illegal payments ["bribes"] from LA County who was a party before him in the case.

Dr. Fine explained how each judge knew that they were taking bribes in violation of the California Constitution, the U.S. Constitution, California criminal law and U.S. criminal law.

Cost of Courage - Part 2 of 12.

Former LA Sheriff Sgt. Richard Valdemar explained the problems that Dr. Fine was facing as a "political prisoner."


Dr. Fine explained in a phone call from his jail cell how the District Court federal judges immediately started breaking the law to keep him in jail.  He  further showed that the District Court federal magistrate judge had not even read the Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus. 


Further no one opposed the Petition for Writ of Habeas, and under the law Dr. Fine should have been out. Instead, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to follow U.S. Supreme Court precedent.  In the meantime, Dr. Fine broke a dental plate in his mouth interfering with his ability to eat. The Sheriff refused to fix the dental plate. After outside pressure was brought to bear for months, the Sheriff relented and fixed the dental plate, allowing Dr. Fine to resume normal eating.




Cost of Courage - Part 3 of 12.

Mardi Mason, former office manager for Dr. Fine, discusses how crucial court documents are missing from the court file and not showing up on the official court "docket" when she knew that the documents were filed in Dr. Fine's case habeas corpus case. 


Former LA Sheriff Sgt. Richard Valdemar stated that such events  affect every citizens rights. 



Cost of Courage - Part 4 of 12.

Steve Whitmore LA County Sheriff spokesperson first denies Full Disclosure's request to interview Dr. Fine in the LA County Jail, the Sheriff changes his mind after being sued.


Dr. Fine in the jail house interview explained the deprivation of human rights, starting with an unwarranted "suicide watch" during which he was deprived of clothing, showers and eating utensils.


Former LA Sheriff Sgt. Richard Valdemar explained that the "suicide watch" was offensive and "smacks of Russia using mental institutions" against people.



Cost of Courage 5 of 12.

In a jail house interview, Dr. Fine tells of the problems he had to overcome in his case because every lawyer was afraid to take the case.


He further explained the total deprivation of human rights  by being kept in a cell for 24 hours a day and denied exercise and exposure to outside air.


Dr. Fine explained the reasons for the judges' retaliation, that it was illegal to hold him in coercive confinement and that Judge Yaffe never had the right to sit on the case because he took a "bribe" from LA County, a party in the case. 




Cost of Courage 6 of 12.

Video of large protest on the steps of the LA Superior Court Stanley Mosk Courthouse to support and free Dr. Fine.



Cost of Courage 7 of 12.

Sterling Norris of Judicial Watch discusses the novelty of the immunity granted to the judges under SBX 2 11, calling their "crime" a "theft" of money from the county to make the illegal payments also known as "bribes".



Cost of Courage 8 of 12.

In a jail house interview, Dr. Fine showed how the payments from the county to the judges were "bribes". He showed the actions of the county to be caused by the payments to the county supervisors from their political contributors who were developers. 

Dr. Fine showed how Jerry B. Epstein, the developer in the underlying case contributed to LA County Supervisors Antonovich and Knabe, who illegally voted for Epstein's project. LA County then covered up their illegal votes in approving Epstein's project. LA County illegally paid Judge Yaffe approximately $827,000.00.  When Dr. Fine brought suit on behalf of his clients against LA County and Epstein's entity over the LA County approval of the development, LA County, Epstein and Judge Yaffe covered up the county payments to Judge Yaffe, Epstein's payments to Antonovich and Knabe and the illegal vote.  Judge Yaffe refuses to recuse himself and illegally throws Dr. Fine in jail. 

Cost of Courage 9 of 12.

In a jail house interview, Dr. Fine told of the inhumane treatment in jail. Former LA Sheriff  Sgt. Richard Valdemar explained the reasons for the inhumane treatment.  


Dr. Fine advocated that we vote out the crooked judges and those acting in concert with them and rid the judiciary of corruption.




Cost of Courage 10 of 12.

Dr. Fine explained why he fought to save the judicial system and did not give in.


He showed how all of the courts through the U.S. Supreme Court were either directly corrupt or covering up the corruption.


He displayed the underlying faith that sustained him through the ordeal.


Cost of Courage - Part 11 of 12.

Dr. Fine showed how two successive State Bar presidents, Sheldon Sloan and Jeffrey Bleich, who were employed by adversaries of Dr. Fine in two current cases while they were officers of the State Bar, and Laura Chick who was a Public Member of the State Bar Board of Governors and who did not disclose that she was adverse to Dr. Fine in another case,  did not disclose these conflicts of interest. He explained that this failure to disclose is a criminal misdemeanor. 


Dr.  Fine also discussed how the payments to the judges by LA County which were involved in the case with Sloan's and Bleich's clients were illegal under both state and federal law thereby  making all decisions involving LA County void.




Cost of Courage - Part 12 of 12.

Dr. Fine discusses the applicability of the impeachment of federal judge Porteous for taking money from parties before him while a state judge to the California judges taking moiney from the counties before them.


Dr. Fine showed that no court, up through the U.S. Supreme Court, was willing to enforce the law against the California judges. 


Dr. Fine showed under SBX 2 11, the current county payments to the judges are illegal.







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